Creative Imagineering (CI) Practice

Infogain’s Solution:

  • Creative Imagineering (CI) group has a single purpose to deliver creative, imaginative, compelling and highly targeted user experiences.
  • We specialize in building User Centric Web/Desktop Applications, Web Portals, Website, and Mobile app that are intuitive, engaging and simple to use
  • Our multi-disciplinary skills have its roots in our understanding of cognitive science, art, aesthetics, technology, strategy and usability engineering.

Software Engineering Services

Infogain’s Development Center in India uses a modern set of technologies and processes to develop and run software solutions:

  • Modern Platform
  • Skilled & Trained Engineers
  • Cost-Optimal
  • Accelerators & Reusable Code
  • Proven Operations and Support Team

Integration & SOA Services

Infogain applies modern frameworks and techniques to integrate applications to achieve a well integrated, high performance, highly scalable and maintainable system:

  • Implementing a solution using integration products, best suited for given business requirements.
  • Implementing Business Activity Monitoring for increased visibility.
  • Implementing Governance which provides visibility & control on enterprise services.
  • Implementing a secure solution by protecting Information in a diverse enterprise environment. Practice Overview

Our service offerings include:

SFDC strategy and roadmap definition

  • Objectives of the implementation
  • Workshop to identify the current solution and gaps
  • Product evaluation and edition comparison.
  • Plan and define a roadmap

Business outcome driven implementation

  • Business process mapping and Optimization
  • Drive higher sales through a finely tuned sales process
  • Unique iterative Implementation methodology
  • Rapid deployments starting at under 3 weeks to complete go-live in 16 weeks
  • Project management tools and processes built on platform
  • Post Implementation support
  • Shared services model for support

Infogain Business Assurance Service Overview

Capability Overview & Deep Dive into Key Offerings

  • Unified Automation Platform
  • Mobile Device Lab
  • Performance Engineering
  • Consulting
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Quality as a Service

Software Test Automation Services

Infogain builds automated regression test suites using a mature and proven automated test framework and reusable code that includes:

  • Automation Framework
  • Reusable Libraries
  • Summarization and Publication of Results
  • Integration with Continuous Integration Platforms

Business Analytics Practice

  • Application of big data technology on unstructured data to perform sentiment analytics
  • Optimized cost of analytics infrastructure by deploying low cost distributed machines
  • Generating New Revenue Streams for the clients by creating analytical products
  • Keeping the tool-set in line with technology to achieve increased benefits at lower cost

Agile Maturity

What Infogain brings to table

  • Drives Agile Adoption assessment at the enterprise level.
  • Enable enterprise Journey from transformation -> implementation -> Continuous Improvement ( maturity assessment )
  • Portfolio and Program level enablement

Key Features

  • Agile best practices
  • Agile Key Metrics
  • A maturity assessment framework