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Modernize and Optimize Your Customer Support Operations

At Infogain, customer experience management is part of our DNA. Our Customer Support Practice is founded upon our nearly two decades of experience helping clients around the world to ultimately transform into customer-centric organizations. With this next generation customer support we focus on helping businesses leverage the latest trends and technologies - starting with a transition to the cloud - to create a multichannel, community-based, knowledge-enabled customer support solution that integrates with their existing application infrastructure and conforms to their security and governance models.

Holistic Approach to Integrated Customer Support & Services

Next generation relationship management holds the promise of stronger and deeper customer interaction, satisfaction and loyalty while at the same time reducing overhead and costs and increasing the productivity of your customer support and IT staff. The latest tools and technologies enable a peer-to-peer community wherein your customers can get the answers they need 24x7 and they can provide valuable feedback to enable innovation in your products and services. It's a win-win scenario for businesses and customers.

Infogain's Transformational Customer Support Services focus on enabling businesses to avail these new capabilities to modernize their customer support operations and deliver an enhanced customer experience across all CRM touchpoints.

Why Infogain?

Modernizing your contact center infrastructure may seem like a daunting task. But with a seasoned partner familiar with your current CRM applications—such as Siebel, Clarify and PeopleSoft—with proven, mature best practices for services-based integration, the benefits are clear: increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention; stronger business growth; increased productivity, reduced maintenance and support costs, and ultimately a better return on your IT investment.

With over 100 successful CRM project implementations to draw upon, Infogain has evolved its own Practice for the next generation. We have invested heavily in partnering with industry leaders in cloud-based customer support solutions, integrated knowledge management IT and social CRM capabilities. Our new, seasoned and senior customer support specialists have been trained on the latest technologies and our established methodologies have been updated to deliver a best practices-based Transition Blueprint to minimize risk, time and costs involved in transition to the next generation cloud-based solution for our clients.

Our long-term relationships and expanding roles with our clients are the natural results of our high quality, innovative and reliable service delivery and seasoned, senior-level involvement in enterprise projects.

Contact us now to learn more about how Infogain can help you modernize your customer support solutions today.