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Life at Infogain is not about only work and no play! Social interaction and fun are an important part of our professional well-being. At Infogain, we value the social lives of our employees and encourage them to participate in various events and activities:

  • Infogain Week and Annual Day: Week-long series of events loaded with fun and frolic. The extravaganza kicks off one week before the annual day. The week includes several events, games, quizzes, contests and talent recognition opportunities.
  • WWF (We Want Fun) Recreation Club: Run by employees, this group arranges parties and cultural events at the end of each month.
  • Company-wide activities:
    • Family Day: Spouse / partner and children visit the place of work. Family activities are organized, including painting competitions, talent exhibitions, movies and more.
    • We Care: Conscious of our social obligations, we help our society by organizing community services with NGOs.
    • Toastmaster's Club: Develop the art of public speaking.
    • Healthy Mind - Healthy Body: Infogain believes in the mental and physical well-being of all its employees. Facilities are available for various games like badminton, table tennis, chess, and carrom, among others. Annual tournaments are also organized at regular intervals.
    • "Nirvana" Club - where trained experts help employees in distressing through Yoga and Meditation.
    • Festival Celebrations: All festivals are celebrated with immense zeal and enthusiasm. Birthdays, anniversaries and project parties are celebrated at regular intervals.
    • Sports: Events like a month long IPL (Infogain Cricket Premier league) Cricket matches, Table Tennis, Carom and Badminton tournaments are scheduled regularly.
    • Newsletter – "Infogain Live": The corporate-wide alumni newsletter is published every month. The newsletter features articles contributed by employees, write-ups on industry trends and the current training schedule schedule.
    • Infogain Cultural Committee (ICC): This is an in-house committee that organizes events like Infogain Week, monthly event, get-togethers, Annual Day, etc